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The Game Changer

20kg Granular Mycorrhizae VAM/AMF Fungi
Mycorrhizae (VAM) granular product with an application rate as low as 1kg per hectare. Contains: Glomus intraradices (endo-mycorrhizae / VAM / AM Fungi) 1 x 20kg bucket

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Ben Stace

Ben Stace

Ben founded BioCoat Pty Ltd in 2010 with the aim of helping farmers transition to more soil-friendly systems and be a positive part of the action on global food security and climate change.

Compatible Plants

- Farming with Mycorrhizae -
36% increase in DM and an increase in protein (8% to 14%) using VAM / Mycorrhizae.
11.5% yield increase using half the normal starting rate of DAP and VAM / mycorrhizae.
Accelerated early establishment and root development when planted with VAM / Mycorrhizae.

Australian Made Mycorrhizal Fungi

We are proud to be the largest independent producer of natural mycorrhizal products in Australia for sale to the general public.

  • All our mycorrhizal inoculant products are produced naturally (suitable for organic farming) without the use of any GMO (genetically modified organisms).
  • Our mycorrhizal products contain high quality glomus intraradices spores to insure the effectiveness of the inoculant.
  • Buy mycorrhizal fungi in Australia with ease. We offer a 100% replacement guarantee if you are not satisfied.

Click here to read a full description on what are mycorrhizae and how they work.